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Time:07/09/2015   Source:Youjie

  China's medical equipment industry is a sunrise industry, the current market is expanding constantly, the field has become the world's second largest medical device market, this also is just the beginning, along with our country aging intensifies, the future demand for medical devices and the trend of further growth, the industry will always keep a high growth in recent years, the future with the rise of domestic medical instrument enterprise, market structure and product structure are major changes will occur.

  Medical apparatus and instruments in our country the development of the market in this year alone there for all to see, the average annual growth rate has remained at more than 20%, to become the world's second largest market, in the last year, China's medical equipment market scale has reached 120 billion yuan, with the expansion of the market, the domestic medical equipment enterprise with rapid growth, the growth of many listed companies by more than 30%, diving medical, xinhua medical, market is one of the winners.

  But from the point of specific medical equipment products, our products are not dominant, due to the relatively backward technology, products are mainly concentrated in the low-end market, at present the market of high-end medical equipment accounted for only 25%, the rest of the low-end products accounted for 75% of the market. Foreign products in China's medical equipment market share of the opposite, a huge part of the high-end market is dominated by imported products, in general, the Dutch philips, Germany's Siemens, represented by several large multinational enterprise monopoly market of medical equipment, and our products mainly to mid-range sanitary materials, disposable hospital supplies, b ultrasonic, ventilator, infusion sets, etc. Although on the low-end products production in our country in the world's first, but as a result of low value-added products, profit is also low, so the domestic enterprises than multinational companies in terms of competitiveness.

  But with the development of medical equipment enterprises in our country, the market is expected to change, at present, some domestic large medical equipment companies have make a breakthrough in some niche high-end Chinese products on the market share is increasing, have the support of national policy, the development of domestic enterprises will have a better future, the market structure and product structure will also change as a result, our country enterprise strength will continue to strengthen, is expected to catch up with multinational companies.

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