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Air mattress C04
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Detailed description
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Adjustable Ocean Blue Soft Seat Cushion 
Model Number:C04
Name Value
Size 43×43cm (inflated) and customized
Material Medical PVC
Structure A cushion with many holes and an air pump
Bearing 65kg
Warranty 6 months
Effect Promote blood circulation and massage buttocks
Applicable scope The people who are sedentary
A)You can take it everywhere you go.  
B)It is soft and comfortable.
C)It can also promote blood circulation and keep sexy.
D)It can prevent bedsore for sedentariness.
Points of attention:
1)When inflating, please pay attention to control the pressure in case of breaking air bag.
2)Handle with care to guard against scraping scar, otherwise air will leak out.
3)Wash with mild detergents to clean the air cushion direct surface to dry.
4)Pay attention to prevent it from sharp things.
5)Keep it from caustic things.
Storage method:
Keep the mattress clean and put it in a dry and draughty place.
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