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Air mattress A08-1
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Detailed description
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Medical PVC Inflatable Air Mattress with pump
Quick Details
Model Number: A08-1
Size: 2000x900mm
Material: Nylon composite medical grade PVC 
Feature: Double layers design to be more comfortable
Warranty: 12 months
Sample: Available
Anti Bedsore mattress & air pump are used in hospital, family, institute and homes for the elderly as they can reduce the work loads of caregivers. Also, they are used to prevent the likelihood of decubitus and facilitate the healing of sores already incurred . 
Operation method:
Filling gas can adopt to the inflator, pump and air pump.
Spread the air cushion on the bed, cover a coverlet on the air cushion  surface, only cab be slept by single person.
Connect the filling gas pipe with the tie-in, and then fill gas via the safety ring which on the side of air cushion. Make sure not to fold the pipe.
If it has the pump that can control the pressure(the air can be transferred in and out), the patient lie in the bed an the air has under moving, it provide patients more comfortable.(the mattress can be filled with gas when patients lie in the bed.)  
Points for Attention:
The people whose weight exceeds 135Kgs can’t use the mattress.
Pay attention to control the pressure when filling gas .Can’t exceed the maximum pressure avoid to burst the envelop
Make sure maintain it clean and wash the surface with litmus less scour. Pay attention to prevent acidity and alkalescency.
The surface of air cushion should be kept away from sharp weapon avoid to break the envelop. 
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