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Air mattress A01
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Detailed description
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A01  Inflatable Anti Decubitus Air Bed Mattress 

Color Buff
size 2000x900x100mm
weight capacity 135kg
working noise <60 db
pressure range 15-20 Kpa
Sample available
warranty 12 months

Adjustable comfort range with easy operating control knob.
Adjustable hangers to suit any kind of hospital bed frame.
Medical grade PVC with fire-retardant treatment
Bubble type anti bedsore air mattress for family and hospital care
Applicable :
1)Surgery or rehabilitation person;
2)Bedridden patients;
How to use:
Air mattress to flat out on the bed, open air compressor gas, need about 20 minutes can be filled with air cushion bed, circulation, normal work. Need to pick up the patient is, the hole cover off the connection between pump meet under the air sacs in patients with hip, inflatable, lift the patient’s hip, into the box, comfortable and defecation, then, out of box, open the discharge control switch airbag gas, withdrawn from the air, then reset hole cover
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