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Cervical traction series B10-3
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Detailed description
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air neck brace traction inflatable cervical collar
Quick Details
Model Number: B10-3
Color: Blue, gray, purple, red
Layers: 3 layers
Pipe: 3 pipes
Inner material: Medical PVC
Size: Free size
Sample: Available
Feature: Three pipes to be more convenient
Function: Relief neck pain, fatigue and tension
Brief introduction
The tractors for cervical spine are pneumatic tractors. It can treat the problems of end-nerve cervical spine. It can subside the symptoms . It is easy in operation and safe and efficient in the treatment .
who are suitable for this product
1.People suffering from pressure build up in the neck & shoulders
2.People who have stiff and sore neck muscle
3.People who spend prolonged periods of time on the computer
4.Office workers with poor posture
5.People with muscle spasms in neck or shoulders
6.People with Degenerative Arthritis
Operation Procedure
Place it around neck, adjust the circle to appropriate size and fix the nylon strap in the front.
Fasten the air-release screw before pumping.
Adjust the clutching condition in the lower part of the circle, and traction angle as comfort dictates or as prescribed by your doctor.
Hand pump until your neck is resting comfortably. After pumping, place the ball into the upper pipe to prevent the air from leaking out.
5.Begin gently with medium and minor traction, then moving on to major traction if comfortable. Treatment should occur 2-3 times daily for 10-20 minutes.
6.Only use as prescribed by your doctor if applying to serious injury
7. After treatment, push back the ball first, expelling air as gradually as possible by slowly turning the screws. Do not squeeze the device. 
Keep the inflatable amount appropriate and you feel comfortable and avoid stimulating or pressing carotid artery.
Please stop the traction if you feel dizzy or nausea, or have blurred vision. Be sure to deflate it slowly
Don’t rear it with strong force so as not to break it. If the surface is dirty, you can clean it with water with a soft brush.
The  minor should use according to the adults’instructions. 

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