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Cervical traction series B02-4
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Detailed description
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Relieve Neck Overstrain cervical vertebra collar 
Product info.
Model Number:B02-4
Layers:3 layers
Inner material: Medical PVC
Size: Free size
Function:Relief neck pain, fatigue and tension
How to use
Step1 Put it around your neck and do up the nylon adherent buttons.
Step2 Screw up the valve of the inflatable ball clockwise.
Step3 Holding the inflating ball and inflate till you feel appropriate expansible pressure, then shut the valve of the tractor. 
Step4 According to the patients’ need, you can adjust the duration of traction, which lasts from 15~20minutes each time and twice a day. 
Step5 When you want to deflate it. Screw the valve of the traction open slowly counterclockwise. 
A Keep the inflatable amount appropriate and you feel comfortable and avoid stimulating or oppressing carotid artery.
B Please stop the traction if you feel dizzy or nausea, or have blurred vision. Be sure to deflate it slowly.
C Don’t tear it with strong force so as to break it. If the surface is dirty, you can clean it with water with a soft brush.
D It’s forbidden to use past the traction route limit. 
E The minor should use according to the adults’ instructions.
F You had better use it according to the doctors’ instructions.
G Avoid contacting with oils, attention to the sun, away from heat. 
Storage method 
This product can not be transported together with something poisonous or corrosive and you should keep it away from heat, sunshine, rain and snow. Please keep it in a dry and ventilating place. 
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