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Medical oxygen bag H01
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Detailed description
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PVC material Medical Non-Poisonous inflatable Oxygen Bag
Model Number: H01
Color: Ocean blue
size: S:71*45 cm; L:71*55cm
capacity: S: 42L ; L:50L
How to use:
1, first of all the bags filled with oxygen gas, so that inflation pressure in the 25Kpa around.
2, the rubber tube and oxygen tubes are plug one end of the connection, the other end into the nostril.
3, oxygen uptake regulator valve size can be plastic only.
The Pictures:
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mainly used  for emergency use in the hospital and health care production in the home
Storage method:
fully charged out of oxygen required, please switch off or pipe fastened tight, the shade should be avoided in the sun or the temperature is too high and which can not touch the chemicals. Put in dry and ventilated place, pay attention to moisture. 
1, oxygen pressure of not more than 25Kpa, oxygen bags to prevent rupture.
2, should be avoided with acid, alkali, oils used in direct contact with and over-extrusion.
3, filled out oxygen during storage or after, not to the strong sunlight exposure.
4, can not use sharp objects, contact with oxygen bag, oxygen bags to prevent scratching.

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