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Neoprene sports support seriesD32-11
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Detailed description
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Adjustable Velcro blue elastic knee support   
Model Number: D32-11        
Material: Neoprene foam
Size: Free size 
The neoprene knee support is used to prevent or alleviate the pain due to shank muscle cramps and injury. It can provide help for maintaining body temperature, accelerating blood circulation, and facilitating rehabilitation.
1) Open patella design relieves pressure and help reduce knee joint fatigue. Reinforced patella stabilizer to prevent brace displacement.
2) Ideal protection for knee tendons and joints, effectively prevents jumper's knee. Quick relief for patellar tendon inflammation.
3) Effectively relieves post-operative knee pain, strains, and arthritis.
4) Breathable neoprene material retains heat and speeds up recovery period without creating skin irritation.
Functions : 
1) Provides protection and support for the knee.
2) Keeps hand flexible while playing sports.
3) Suitable for minor sprains and strains and arthritic pain. Ideal for the healing and prevention of sporting injuries.
4)Support gives pain and stress relief for everyday use.
5)Provides warmth, compression and support.
Storage Method:
Stored in cool and dry place&guard against damp.

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